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# gta
Which Grand Theft Auto Are You?
The important question.
# Playstation
17 Playstation games that you probably bought with your communion money
We need Buzz! The Music Quiz in 2017.
# gta
A study says that Grand Theft Auto 'might make the world a worse place for females'
But the gaming community has hit back.
# Christmas
This Irish kid asked for GTA5 'without the hookers' in his Santa letter
This kid…
# gta
The people behind Grand Theft Auto weren't impressed with that Daniel Radcliffe film
Not one bit impressed.
# Gamers
Old people play Grand Theft Auto for the first time, get intensely into it
The cutest gamers you’ll ever see.
# GTA Newry
Man steals car from dealership, crashes into police officer, flees
A police officer was also struck in the incident.
# Pick Me
5 apps worth downloading this week
Featuring a new and intuitive lock screen for Android users, a native Gmail client for Windows Phone users and a classic PS2 game arriving on the small screen.
Gaming granny goes on a rant about British Gas while playing GTA V
That’s one way to get out your frustration!
# 2 real
WATCH: 41 small but amazing touches in Grand Theft Auto 5
The game’s attention to detail is something else.
# Week in Web
Weird Wide Web: GTA nostalgia, a booze-powered computer and a Reddit cult
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
# ka-ching
Grand Theft Auto V makes more than $1 billion in just three days
The makers of the hugely popular game say it has made more than most blockbuster films in its first few days.
# Addicted
11 ways to get your sporting fix from Grand Theft Auto
All in the game, yo.