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17 Playstation games that you probably bought with your communion money

We need Buzz! The Music Quiz in 2017.

Source: robilitoow/YouTube

DUE TO THE sheer number of Irish households that were in possession of Playstations in the early 00s, there’s a really strong chance that if you made your communion between 2000 and 2005, you spent your money on at least one of these Playstation titles.

1. Crash Team Racing

51946-CTR_-_Crash_Team_Racing_(E)_(No_EDC)-1483389246 Source: Wikimedia

Long before the Wii came out and brought Mariokart to a more substantial amount of living rooms, Crash Bandicoot’s racing game was the cause of many eruptions of violence between siblings.

2. The Sims Bustin’ Out

the sims bustin out Source: Amazon

Unlike Crash Team Racing, The Sims Bustin’ Out brought families together. A multiplayer Sims game was actually an amazing idea and probably saved many families from tearing lumps out of each other for a shot of the family PC.

3. Simpsons Hit and Run

51XMBP7064L Source: Amazon

There must have been a really good bundle offer on in the shops for a Playstation 2 and Simpsons Hit and Run in 2003, because there are way too many people who only ever had this game and no others. All the same, it was a good game and a nice alternative to Grand Theft Auto for those of us with strict parents.

4. Any of the Harry Potter series

harry potter Source: Amazon

If the books had the same plot as this frustrating game (going around picking up jelly beans in an extremely low res forest and school for hours), they would have rightly been a huge flop.

5. Fifa Street

43688-fifa-street-playstation-2-front-cover Source: Moby Games

From the time when astro turf runners reached peak popularity. The soundtrack was also amazing.

6. Tekken

Source: MgameP1/YouTube

Anyone could play Tekken because it was just a simple test of who could smash every button faster.

7. Buzz! The Music Quiz

68992_front Source: Odino via GameFAQs

Can you imagine how much fun this would be nowadays at predrinks? You wouldn’t even bother going out.

8. Eyetoy Play

Source: David :3/YouTube

Also an amazing game for predrinks.

9. Rayman

34816-rayman-playstation-front-cover Source: Moby Games

Will we ever understand why his feet and arms were not attached to his body?

10. Singstar

51jKlSzhSOL._AC_SX430_ Source: Amazon

This game existed because everyone in 2004 needed a Playstation, regardless of whether they cared about playing video games or not. It was still a lot of fun though and it taught a lot of kids all the words to Careless Whisper.

11. GTA San Andreas

GTA_San_Andreas_Box_Art Source: Wikimedia

Not everyone could get their hands on this one but if you did you instantly became the most popular kid on the road.

12. Tomb Raider

tomb_raider_1_box Source: TombRaiders

Lara Croft hopping around freezing cold tombs that were covered in snow in completely impractical outfits. Let’s not forget her triangle boobs that were somehow sexualised:

lara210 Source: TombRaiders

13. Tony Hawk’s Underground

616019f801f19163fff2074f9e8807d1 Source: Pinterest

Finally you could get off the skateboard.

14. The 007 series

Source: DevilHunterXYZ/YouTube

Is there anything scarier than listening to James Bond’s dress shoes tapping around over very dramatic music waiting for someone to pop out and try kill you?

15. Spiderman


Despite the poor graphics and having to listen to Spiderman talk to himself for the majority of the game, this was well worth the communion money.

16. The Urbz

Source: NaNaa707/YouTube

This game still has people singing Black Eyed Peas songs in Simlish in 2017

17. Ratchet and Clank


What the hell animal was Ratchet supposed to be?


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