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12 thoughts we had while watching THAT insane Gucci perfume ad

Is she playing piano in the NIP?

YOU CAN ALWAYS depend on perfume ads to be utterly nonsensical and ridiculous.

But this ad for Gucci Bamboo, which can currently be seen on every second TV ad break, truly takes the biscuit.

Let’s do a shot-by-shot analysis, shall we?

It opens with a blurry shot of a hand snatching a perfume bottle. Is she stealing it?

gucci1 Source: Gucci/YouTube

Oh no, she’s just spraying it on herself. Duh, it’s a perfume ad!

gucci2 Source: Gucci/YouTube

“My wrist smells lovely and also, I am a sly person.”

gucci3 Source: Gucci/YouTube

Why is this man stroking his temple? Are the Gucci Bamboo fumes giving him a headache?

gucci4 Source: Gucci/YouTube

“I have a paracetamol in my bag,” she whispers, seductively.

gucci5 Source: Gucci/YouTube

*grabbing that paracetamol while I gaze flirtatiously at you*

gucci6 Source: Gucci/YouTube

But not before a quick ballroom dance! Just like every woman watching this ad, she is extremely competent in every form of ballroom dance.

gucci7 Source: Gucci/YouTube


“Haha, sucker. I don’t have any paracetamol. I’m going HOME.”

gucci8 Source: Gucci/YouTube

And now she’s driving a car. (While wearing fancy gloves.) Mustn’t have had any wine when she was out with your man, so.

gucci9 Source: Gucci/YouTube

And now she’s… fencing? In what looks like a… palace? Gucci truly has their finger on the pulse of what ordinary women get up to on a day-to-day basis.

gucci10 Source: Gucci/YouTube

Seriously, who among us hasn’t cooled down after a spot of fencing by playing piano in the nip?

We don’t know about you, but we find clothes to be a real nuisance when playing the piano.

gucci11 Source: Gucci/YouTube

And… that’s it. The end.

gucci12 Source: Gucci/YouTube

So many questions.

  • Where did your man with the headache go? 
  • Is this woman a character from James Bond? Like, who is proficient at fencing/ballroom dancing/playing piano?
  • Who suggested that scene where she plays piano in the nip, though?


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