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The Guide To Moving In With Your Other Half

Read this before you take the plunge.

YOU MIGHT THINK you know all there is to know about your sweetheart.

We hate to shatter those romantic delusions you’re labouring under, truly we do, but there are some things you’ll need to learn before moving in with your significant other.

The path of true love never does run smooth, after all. But here at, we have some vital advice to prepare you for the sharp shock of cohabitation with your partner.

Use it wisely.

Some things are off limits

You think that now you’re sharing a living space, you’re sharing belongings?

Think again, idiot.

Image: via Shutterstock

That shampoo in the shower is “going out” shampoo. If you wash the dog with it, you are probably going to have to find somewhere else to live.

Set the tea bag parameters

One person is a sink-plopper, the other is a bin-dropper.

Image: via Flickr/Kathryn McGrane

This could break apart the household, so set the boundaries and ensure you know where you stand from early on.

Get the cleaning balance right

Things don’t actually clean themselves, you know. Or at least one of you knows – the other is convinced there is a magical bathroom fairy who scrubs the sink and replaces the loo roll.

Image: via Flickr/Nick Taylor

Set ‘em straight before you move in or else this beautiful relationship is going to end in one of you screaming “THAT PAN DOESN’T GO IN THE DISHWASHER!”

Learn that some tops are handwash. HANDWASH

You will now be washing your clothes together.

Image: Flickr/Wahlander

If your other half chucks a handwash-only top into the washing machine, just make sure you let them know that the penalty is grievous bodily harm.

Figure out dietary requirements

Until you move in, you won’t know how strange and disturbing your partner’s eating habits are.

Image: via Flickr/Muffet

For example, they’ll insist on getting the wrong type of tea or semi-skimmed milk. They’ll want a different dinner to you every evening. Discuss this before you take the dive into a shared roof.

Calm the remote control wars

You’d better hope you like the same programmes on television. And don’t even get us started on when the match is on.

Image: via Flickr/Jay Hester

Accept that their stuff will be everywhere

Bobby pins all over the house. Their smelly socks everywhere but the laundry hamper.

Image: Flickr/Hey Paul

You knew they were a film buff when you guys got together, but you didn’t realise that would mean quite so many DVDs in your gaff. Can you handle it?

Do not pee on the seat

Never acceptable.

Image: via Flickr/Eclipse

Master the logistics of getting ready

It might take one person in the relationship a touch longer to get ready for a night out than the other.

For this reason, there must be a delicate balance and coordination of timeframes. Who will shower first?

Image: Flickr/meddygarnet

It is imperative that one person isn’t left sitting, bored, waiting for the other person to be ready. Therein lies the touchpaper for arguments.

And finally… On wet towels

So you’ve left a wet towel on our bed.

Do you want me to move out? Is that it?

Image: via Flickr/Adricb

What would your one piece of advice be for couples planning on co-habiting?

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