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An Essential Guide to Pre-Drinking Etiquette for Irish People

Rules to live by.


And chances are you might just be headed to some pre-drinks this weekend.

Here are some important rules for you to abide by.

1. Bring more alcohol than you expect to drink

tiger Flickr Flickr

We promise you that, whatever you bring, it won’t be too much.

The last thing you want to be doing is sitting there at 10pm with no drink left and looking hopefully at the bag of cans sitting by your mate’s feet.

2. But don’t overdo it


Don’t bring 20 cans of Carling and try shove them into the fridge.

You don’t bloody own the place.

3. Recognise that the fridge is not a free-for all

beer Flickr Flickr


Put back the can of Heineken.

4. Should you get control of the laptop, don’t use it as an opportunity to showcase your 48-minute ambient DJ mix

giphy (13) fallontonightgifs / Tumblr fallontonightgifs / Tumblr / Tumblr

Trust us, nobody is interested.

Just play Regulate by Warren G and everything will be grand.

5. Don’t be that guy force drinking gameson everyone

giphy (14) neogaf neogaf

If everyone is game, fair enough, but don’t be that one person barking the rules of Never Have I Ever at everyone and accusing people of being “no craic” if they don’t play.

6. Ask for permission before you whip out an acoustic guitar

Don’t just assume everyone will be delighted to see you walk in the door with a guitar or be excited to hear your acoustic rendition of Sing by Ed Sheeran.

7. Don’t get sniffy if you’re offered a mug for your wine/vodka/whatever

mug Flickr Flickr

You’ll drink out of the Mr. Tickle mug and you’ll like it.

8. When the conversation moves to where you’re going to go afterwards, don’t be “the difficult one”

giphy (17) jenjenacts / Tumblr jenjenacts / Tumblr / Tumblr

If all your friends have decided to go to one particular place, don’t be the person sitting in a huff saying, “I’M NOT GOING THERE. I DON’T CARE.” (Unless you have an excellent reason, that is.)

It’s okay to offer a dissenting voice, but don’t get into a sulk.

9. If you’re bringing wine, make sure you also bring a corkscrew

giphy (15) Cheezburger Cheezburger

Don’t assume that there will be a corkscrew there and be the person running around like a headless chicken.

Make provisions.

10. When the taxi arrives to take you to your next destination, don’t be the person dilly dallying while everyone waits for you

giphy (19) Giphy Giphy

People saying “We’re going!” is not an invitation for you to start putting on liquid eyeliner in the bathroom as everyone starts getting stressed out waiting for you in the taxi. 


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