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Guinness Zero

Here's what alcohol-free Guinness tastes like

It’s not out in Ireland, but some lucky people abroad have sampled the lighter shade of black stuff.

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THE WORLD HAS just discovered that there is such a thing as non-alcoholic Guinness – and that it’s been sold for quite some time already in Indonesia.

Apparently, the restrictions on alcohol being served in convenience stores led to an increase of non-alcoholic beers being imported into the country.

So Guinness released Guinness Zero ABV for Indonesia – but what does it taste like?

According to this review, it has a strong taste of coffee:

This is not your ordinary malt drink. It is a drink with a very strong coffee taste, thanks to its malt coffee flavour.

Other reviewers on Untappd said it didn’t taste like the regular black stuff at all

untapped1 Untapped Untapped

There were then comparisons to other, eh, unique tastes:

Sweet and chocolatey.
What is this? Not what I was expecting, certainly. It tastes as though someone has put coffee essence in a glass of Coke.

Another reviewer said that the Guinness tasted like Coca-Cola as well:

Guinness Zero actually tastes sweet. Even better than Coca-Cola.


Baru nyobain ini tadi siang. Pas udara panas bgt. GUINNESS ZERO. Enak! Seperti rootbeer/sarsaparila A&W itu tapi ga terlalu manis. Dan slighty ada rasa malt seperti Bear Brand Gold yg Malt Putih itu. Cociks buat variasi kyk si Raddler itu.. :kissing_clos danidantje danidantje

Another Indonesian reviewer got into why it tasted so much like caramel (which is probably where the Coke comparisons come from):

It’s a blend of caramel, citric acid, malt, barley and hops makes sense Guinness Zero ABV very unique, and cool because of the carbonated water. People who have never drank Root Beer may know how delicious caramel combined with carbonated water is, but here there is a bit of a sour taste that makes it fresh and not taste of malt, barley, and hops typical of beer. 

So now.

There is no talk yet that it will be released in Ireland, but how does this chocolatey/coffee/non-alcoholic version of Guinness sound to you? 

Poll Results:

I would give it a go, would be handy to have the alternative (1279)
That such a drink exists is a travesty to the great traditions of Guinness (383)
It sounds awful, to be honest (356)

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