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hop house 13

So what does Guinness's new lager actually taste like? Here's our verdict...

It kinda tastes like Guinness, but not really.

Updated Feb 11, 9am

GUINNESS UNVEILED A brand new beer on the world today, a lager called Hop House 13.

Publicity materials claim the lager has a “fruity aroma”, is “refreshing” to taste, and has “more taste and character” than an average lager.

We had to find out for ourselves, so we acquired a sneaky sample and asked some testers to have a sip.

You can really taste the barley, it’s really smooth. It definitely tastes a bit like Guinness.
I really like it, it’s got the smoothness of beer without the after-taste.
It’s got a nice fruity after-taste. It kinda tastes like strawberry.


I like it, i’d definitely drink it, it’s got quite a lot of flavour for a lager.
I like that it’s not fizzy, I wouldn’t be bloated after it.
I think I really like it, it has a certain je ne sais quoi. – really?

So there you have it, a big citrussythumbs up for Hop House 13.

hop-house-13-lager-launch-04-630x426 Guinness Robbie Reynolds Photography Guinness Robbie Reynolds Photography

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