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Guy drives around offering free lifts home to people who've been drinking

There was a deeper meaning to it all though.

ALEX IS A good guy. On Saturday, he went to a busy bar in his neighbourhood, with this sign.

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His first customers were a hen party. Posting photos of his night to Imgur, Alex said:

I let them play their own music. No joke, they played “Call Me Maybe” twice in a row and not on accident. They were very nice and kept trying to tip me. Of course no tips were accepted.

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BUT they managed to leave $38, which Alex says will be donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Next up was a couple who just bought a house.

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Then this guy who claimed to help create the We Are the World music video, who promised to donate $20 to the cause.

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Alex drove around for about four hours giving people lifts. But why? As founder of the Because I Said I Would ‘keep your promises’ movement, he explains:

On June 22nd, 2013 at approximately 3am, a man named Matthew Cordle killed Vincent Canzani while drinking and driving. Through a Facebook page that I admin (Because I Said I Would), Matthew messaged me and said that he wanted to bring good into the world for two people because that is what he felt he owed. With no charges pressed against him, he wanted to make a promise. “I will take full responsibility for what I have done.”

Alex filmed the confession and released it on YouTube, and Matthew was soon arrested and sentenced to prison

I wanted to spend last night doing what Matt would have done if he was a free man.

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