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9 life-altering questions we have about Hailo's big name change

It’s not your mytaxi it’s MY mytaxi.

SO HAILO HAS gone and changed its name to mytaxi.

PastedImage-48832 Source: Mytaxi

The taxi app announced the change last year, and has officially made the change today.

Hey, we have a few questions.

1. Will we have to say “your mytaxi has arrived”?

Imagine. The sesh winds down, everybody scrambles for their phones. You, the idiot that decided to have the afterparty starts as the go between.

Is that my mytaxi?
No, that’s Kev’s mytaxi.
Kev, your mytaxi is here.
I haven’t got an alert for my mytaxi yet. I think it’s your mytaxi.
Can we share that mytaxi or are you going in your mytaxi?


2. Are Hailo drivers now just… mytaxi driver?

Or is it my mytaxi driver?


3. Is the little Hailo guy now the myTaxi guy?

Love you and miss you already, Hailo guy.

PastedImage-86557 Source: BarryJOwens

4. Can we still sing Beyoncé’s Halo whenever we log in to the app?

Source: beyonceVEVO/YouTube

5.  Will fights for a cab on Camden Street now be people shouting it’s MY MYTAXI, or is this your myTaxi?

aconan - Copy Source: ConanGShore

6. Can we still schedule a ride?


Te he he.

7. Will we have to start afresh, having conversations with Mytaxi drivers about the name change, like we once had to about Hailo as a concept?

Ah yeah it’s good, handy for business.

PastedImage-2197 Source: mytaxi_ie

8. We’re all just gonna keep calling it Hailo, aren’t we?

* Opens Mytaxi app*

I’m getting a Hailo for you.

9. Will we myTaxi a taxi?

Hailo was a verb guys, you can’t just delete a verb.

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