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The DOs and DON'Ts of dressing up for Halloween

We’re here to guide you through the minefield.

FANCY DRESS PARTIES can be a bit of a minefield, can’t they?

Luckily, here we are to guide you through. Like a metal detector, if you will. Here are the definitive DOs and DON’Ts of dressing up for Halloween…

DO work with the assets you have

Source: Heavy

DON’T overestimate them

Source: Imgur

DO be clever

Source: jmurawski

DON’T be so clever that nobody gets it

Source: Imgur

(“Snakes on a plane”, in case you were wondering.)

DO make a costume out of cardboard

Source: Imgur

DON’T lose the run of yourself with the craft box

Source: Heavy

DO be scary

Source: Imgur

DON’T end up scary by accident

Source: Imgur

DO be free and easy with your gender

Source: Imgur

DON’T have balloons for breasts. Just don’t.

Source: alisdair

DO paint your face

Source: Imgur

DON’T paint your belly

Source: Pbh2

DO feel free to reference pop culture

Source: Imgur

DON’T let your pet wear a better costume than you

Source: Imgur

DO wear a couple costume

Source: Imgur

DON’T use your child as the other half

Source: Imgur

DO give it your best shot

Source: Kevin Lawver

But DON’T ever try and outdo this guy.

Source: Imgur

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your fancy dress parties, everyone…

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