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Amazing Halloween light display is perfectly synced to Blurred Lines

Ylvis The Fox and Deadmau5 are also involved. Terrifying.

REMEMBER THE HOUSE with all the musical Christmas lights?

It’s back, but scarier. Not in the traditional sense–the 8,5000 Halloween lights are impressive and even a bit cheerful.

It’s the fact that the house is singing that gets us.

When the corresponding synced light-show is displayed, The Fox, Blurred Lines and Deadmau5′s Ghosts N Stuff are all broadcast into viewing cars via FM radio to avoid driving the neighbours insane. Can’t see how they’re protected from the demonic LED face though.

The Fox

Source: EdwardsLandingLights

Blurred Lines

Source: EdwardsLandingLights

Ghosts N Stuff

Source: EdwardsLandingLights

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