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19 amazing Simpsons moments... all voiced by one man

What a talent.

IT’S SIMPSONS VOICE actor Hank Azaria’s birthday today.

In honour, here’s a a little tribute: 19 of the show’s best moments, from 19 different characters… all voiced by Hank.

You ready?

When Moe Sizlack took a lie detector test

I’ve got a hot date tonight.


When Apu had party time

YouTube/Andrew Haacke

When Chief Wiggum handled a plane crash

With his usual aplomb

YouTube/Tom McCauley

When Lou learned about ‘ice coffee’ and ‘nice coffee’


When Dr Nick asked viewers to call DOCTORB

YouTube/Mike Nidel

When Professor Frink snubbed a lady for not being a bee


When Luigi Risotto sang this song


When the Sea Captain made a compilation CD

YouTube/Eric Stratten

When Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel got his theme song


When Duffman went to Oktoberfest

“This Reich will last a thousand beers.”

YouTube/Jamie Shaw

When Comic Book Guy learned a hard, hard lesson

YouTube/Manuel Crespo Yánez

When Carl shared a special office moment with Lenny


When Drederick Tatum nattered with Charlie Sheen

What’s great there is the seabass.


When the old, wise man taught Homer a lesson about old-time bikes


When Snake proved he wasn’t a coward


When Kirk Van Houten got laid off

“Maybe single people eat crackers. We don’t know.”

YouTube/Chris Meirau

When Bumblebee Man read the news


When Johnny Tightlips showed his mettle


And when Superintendent Chalmers got mad

All those times.


Thanks, Hank!

Casey Rodgers/AP

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