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Happy 60th Birthday Michael Bolton... here's to the best thing you've ever done

Hands down the greatest Michael Bolton song ever.


He is of course best known for his hair, his singing and his legendary status as confirmed by Rihanna.

All of those things pale in comparison however, when it comes to the  part he played in the recording of parody band The Lonely Island’s track Jack Sparrow.

Here are the best bits:

Michael arrives into the recording studio wearing ALL the makeup

Michael Bolton wears these glasses to Da Club, while the boys rap

Cut to Michael Bolton singing inexplicably about Captain Jack Sparrow

And the boys are all like…

(Psst if the GIF above isn’t working for you, you might need to update your TheJournal.ie app)

Michael Bolton continues to pepper the rap with Jack Sparrow references

The boys are not happy, they want to sing about women and da club

So Michael Bolton tries it with some other films…

Completely lost? You can watch the whole video below then, and just try to tell us that Michael Bolton isn’t a legend! (Here’s 7 more reasons, in case you need them)


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