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15 signs you are a seasoned Ryanair veteran

We can help each other through this.

AER LINGUS MIGHT be the national airline, but flying Ryanair is the national experience.

Let’s get through this together. How many of the following signs do you exhibit?

1. When you book a flight, you reflexively check whether the airport is anywhere near the city it’s named after

2. This is you, dodging the website charges

3. This is your nemesis

Source: Karen Bryan

4. And this is the Holy Grail

Source: Imgur

For checked baggage, obviously. You wouldn’t pull this kind of crazy stunt with hand baggage.

4. Your first reaction when you see this photo is “How did they get so much legroom?”

Source: alt1040

6. You believe in the uncrossable social boundary between the regular queue and the Priority Q

Source: flowcomm

7. And you know that queuing isn’t about the seat, it’s about getting the primo hand luggage space

Source: Sylvain Naudin

8. You have learned that almost any bag will go into the gauge with enough brute force

Source: YouTube

9. But still, this gang of girls putting 16 layers of clothes on and getting a cheer from the queue are heroes

Source: barrybyrne100/YouTube

10. You have eaten a Ryanair Sandwich while hungover

Source: ryanair.com

11. Bullseye Baggies, RIP

Source: Imgur

12. One of these people has almost certainly sold you mini-pretzels

13. You know not to take too much out of your bag because there are NO SEAT POCKETS FOR SOME REASON

Source: Matt From London

14. When you land on another airline, you catch yourself listening out for the Ryanair Noise

Source: RyanairMan/YouTube

15. You’ve probably spent longer looking at this than you have looking at beautiful sunsets on holiday.

Source: Sean MacEntee

Congratulations! You are a Ryanair Veteran.

We are too. Hold us.

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