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potter pal

Greatest friend ever creates budget Harry Potter world for birthday surprise

Cheap, but amazing.

THERE ARE BEST friends, and then there are friends that you should hold tight and never let go.

Redditor SoButtons has one such friend, after they transformed her entire gaff into a Harry Potter-themed wonderland for her 28th birthday.

SoButtons notes that her husband often forgets her birthday so her best friend went to massive efforts to make it a special day for her with this Harry Potter themed party.

1. There was a sock collection for Dobby

PIMi8Kl Imgur Imgur

2. Gringotts bank. An EDIBLE bank

BNiNHjl Imgur Imgur

3. Dementors had to feature, unfortunately

Xi52mOE Imgur Imgur

4. All the sweets fit to eat

dZr1l3r Imgur Imgur

5. Floating candles

There’s string there, believe it or not.

dtbK2k5 Imgur Imgur

6. They even created the letter delivery scene

d1AnrLS Imgur Imgur

7. Not forgetting Moaning Myrtle

R63q8Ga Imgur Imgur

8. Apt warnings

NM6nUEN Imgur Imgur

9. Dawn French was even included in festivities

mvK4EgB Imgur Imgur


Basically, be our friend.

BzPKgI3 Imgur Imgur

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