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way harsh tai

13 break up notes and texts that are too harsh to handle

They’re never ever ever, getting back together.

BREAKING UP IS so hard to doooo…

Unless you’re like this savage lot.

1. This ruthless mam

2. This extremely detailed rejection

3. This not-so-gentle let down


00272372 Vrouwen Vrouwen

5. We’re alright with this one tbh

zVD2fV0 Imgur Imgur

6. The first Instagram breakup

BmBCJgGCEAAI3je DylanMercier16 DylanMercier16

7. This kid’s sick burn

8. This heartbreaking lesson in letting go

you-should-get-married-breakup Aolcdn Aolcdn

9. A stone-cold split game

Br_Wd4qIYAE3Ng_ blakecathryn blakecathryn

10. Were they ever even a couple in the first place?

11. A true exhibit of going to extreme lengths to be a prick

12. It was really hard to do this

one-month-breakup Aolcdn Aolcdn

13. No mirror is safe

epic-break-up-02 Cubebreaker Cubebreaker

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