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For everyone who hates talking on the phone with a passion

Such an ORDEAL.

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Nothing strikes fear into your heart quite like receiving a phone call from an unknown number

It’s like someone showing up to your house without calling in advance.


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Honestly you won’t talk to anyone on the phone unless it’s your Mam

And that’s only because she takes too long to text.

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You have very good friends you point blank refuse to speak to on the phone

It’s nothing against them. You’re just not a phone person. Let’s keep it to Whatsapp, yeah?

You know your refusal to speak to people on the phone makes you seem sketchy as hell…

But you can’t help it. You just prefer doing your business over text or e-mail

Where you can articulate your thoughts and frame them into something that doesn’t resemble word vomit.

Few things piss you off more than someone leaving a missed call for you on your phone and asking you to call them back


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The idea of cold-calling someone makes you break out in hives

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As does the phrase “phone interview”

They should be illegal, tbh.

You have to mentally prepare yourself before you call any customer care line

Such is your fear of talking on the phone that sometimes you’ll just leave it linger for weeks on end. “I’ll call them next week. It can wait till then.”

Online customer care. Now that’s your jam.

In conclusion? Let’s just take everything to Whatsapp from now on

Except you, Mam. We’ll always have time to talk to you.

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