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love u hun

It's official. Everybody hates happy couples on Facebook

Baby, think twiiiice… before you post.

IT’S NOT THAT we’re bitter or anything… but flaunting your relationship on Facebook makes us like you that little bit less.

These guys for example.


According to a survey conducted for a book called The Science of Relationships, people who post constant happy updates about their relationships are the least liked on the social network.

Researchers created fake Facebook profiles and asked participants to judge them. Some included very public relationships, and others offered no signs of a relationship.

Participants judged the fake profiles both on how committed they seemed to each other and how much they liked the people in the profiles.

The results found that, while participants didn’t doubt that they were in a loving, fulfilling relationship, the oversharers were not approved of.

When it comes to status updates, we found that higher levels of relationship disclosure were positively associated with perceptions of satisfaction and commitment. However, when it comes to relationship disclosure on Facebook, there can be too much of a good thing. Those disclosing a lot about their relationships were the least liked.

So, if the love of your partner is more important than the love of a bunch of people you met one on a night out, keep on rockin.

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