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pain and misery

The truth about suffering from hay fever in 'this weather'

No one gets it. No one.

AS WE’VE BEEN discussing, this weather is faaaaabulous.

However, it’s not without its downsides, and no one knows that more than you if you suffer from hay fever.

While everyone else is living for these sunny moments, you are miserable, isolated and feeling sorry for yourself.

We understand you, hay fever sufferers.

Here is the truth about suffering from hay fever in ‘this weather’.

Eyes so red that you get stopped in the street and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

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Eyes so itchy you want to pluck them out, wash them in boiling water and put them back into the sockets

An overwhelming sense of lethargy

Everyone else:

You want to kill people who bring you flowers as a present

You are filled with rage every time you pass a nice garden due to its pollution of the air with pollen

Even a picture of a field makes you sneeze

The smell of freshly-cut grass, a joy to everyone else,  fills you with terror

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You count the days until hayfever season starts with the same dread others reserved in childhood for counting the days to back to school

You become an amateur pharmacist and can talk at length with other sufferers on the pros and cons of brands of antihistamines, stereoid nasal sprays and lubricating eye drops

You know what the ‘Pollen Count’ is, every single day from May to October

You turn into a irritable sleep-deprived zombie due to the constant sneezing and nose blowing during the night

Your mouth is like the Sahara Desert on a dry day

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Your nose is so red and swollen people are making Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer jokes in July


Inside your mouth and throat is so itchy that you’d consider sticking this sloth’s hands down your gullet

People constantly suggest it’s like having a head cold.  IT’S NOTHING LIKE A HEAD COLD.

You are filled with rage at everyone else being outside and happy

Generally, you’re just hating your life

The worst thing is that no one understands it unless they’ve had it themselves

But guess what, hay fever sufferers? understands, and we feel for you in a big way.

Here’s a picture of a rainy day, to remind you of easier times.

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