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All new parents will relate to the hilarious sign on this Mam's front door
“Only knock on this door if you’re Gary Barlow.”

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AS ANY NEW parent will know, getting your baby to sleep is no easy feat.

So what about when people come around to your door asking if you want to switch electricity provider or buy a raffle ticket, and wake your little one up?

This new Mum has come up with an excellent way of deterring randomers from knocking on the door and waking up her twins — by posting this threatening notice on her front door.


Natasha Butler put up the sign after she found her “No salesman, etc.” sign was roundly ignored.

She subsequently shared the image with Facebook page The Unmumsy Mum, where it has received over 43,000 likes.

Other Mams also shared some of their signs…

11986504_10153567817186530_7398102193908086384_n The Unmumsy Mum / Facebook The Unmumsy Mum / Facebook / Facebook

11987008_10156039331920187_2019521327866937328_n The Unmumsy Mum / Facebook The Unmumsy Mum / Facebook / Facebook


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