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8 of the greatest school Nativity moments ever

Get the tea towels and dolls out.

AH, THE SCHOOL nativity. We all remember the clamour to get some tinsel and a tea towel for our head the night before dress rehearsal. There was always the lucky guy and girl who got to be Mary and Joseph and bring the dolly to the stable. Then there was the tree, or the standard ‘angel’.

Then there are this lot, who probably didn’t take up a career in acting or musical theatre.

1. This little girl who is giving it her all

Though it’s Joseph’s accusing look that makes it.


Source: Hannah Sergeant

2. This camel who really doesn’t wanna

Heads up, falling camel.


Source: Fail Overflow

3. This stable that’s pretty unstable

Well that’s not ideal.


Source: Mike Grimm

4. These dogs who are sick of it all

Stop humans, STOP.

Source: abi holmes

5. This little girl who needs to learn her range

We sing, don’t shout.

Source: 2kidzlater

6. These confused kids doing the 12 Days of Christmas

SO MANY NUMBERS. It gets confusing, OK?


Source: RCCMinternational

7. This Joseph who’s more interested in his feet than the birth of Jesus Christ


Source: MrConnor05

8.  This Shepherd who just wants to groom his sheep


Source: sampani02

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