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15 hilarious tweets about drinking that everyone can relate to

I been drinkin’, I been drinkin’…

1. Ah, we’ve all been there

2. US TOO!

3. Reminder that everyone is a craft beer wanker now

4. Truth

5. Drunk you is just a gas ticket

6. You, after pre drinking:

7. #YOLO

8.”Bxi? Did you mean taxi? Ugh, I give up. You’re on your own”

9. When you act all ~sophisticated~ in a restaurant

10. “Of course I’ll go for a walk in the Wicklow Mountains with you!”

11. You, when Good Friday panic sets in…

12. Aren’t we all?

13. You just can’t let go in Wetherspoon’s, can you?

14. *gasps*

15. No bother to you.

Tweet by @sara Source: sara/Twitter

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