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The 16 most unintentionally hilarious Twitter typos of 2014

Are you a sex attic?

16. ‘Meaty oaker’

Source: MunstiSue and Jellaluna via Flickr

Source: @RLJ1738

15. ‘Dairy air’

Source: AP/Press Association Images

14. ‘Holler coast’

Source: Frank Kovalchek and mikael altemark via Flickr

13. ‘Colon’

Source: Wikimedia

(an oldie but a goodie)

12. ‘Cadillac arrest’

Source: x-ray delta one

11. ‘Finance’

Source: kenteegardin

10. ‘Lack toast and tolerant’

Source: Sheep purple

9. ‘Seizure salad’

Source: acme

8. ‘Bad mitten’

Source: normanack

7. ‘Bicuriously’

Source: Shutterstock

6. ‘Granite’

Source: Jocey K

5. ‘Self of steam’

Source: Nick Page/©Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment via Flickr

4. ‘Buyest’

Source: Sean MacEntee

3. ‘Sex attic’

Source: Jamie Beverly and Rudoni Productions via Flickr

2. ‘Tooshay’

Source: Flickr

1. And finally, ‘escape goat’

Source: Imgur

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