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12 accidentally hilarious wedding photos that are just perfect

These should never have been allowed to happen.

YOUR SPECIAL DAY comes around and everything has been planned with military precision.

The food, the ceremony, the wedding party’s outfits and, of course, the photos.

Sometimes, though, these don’t go so well – and can accidentally provide perfect moments of comedy.


1. This delightful half bride/half horse

WBPN6XGEjp Source: D3qvyul2tp4j8

Riding a white horse into the sunset seemed like such a good idea.

2. Are… are they her legs?

lUPLySM Source: Imgur

The dastardly curse of the white-backed waistcoat.

3. Are they small or far away?

QejE4 Source: Imgur

A misleading post, we’re sure you’ll agree.

4. This was always going to cause problems

tEAaypJ Source: Imgur

It seemed like such an original and unique idea. Wedding photos! In an aquarium!

5. #RidinSolo

kHHDToS Source: Imgur

Zoomed in, for your entertainment.


Nice colour coordination between the suits and the wheat field, though. Kudos.

6. When the groomsman doesn’t get how a photo booth works

cvEl7cg Source: Imgur

You’re supposed to pull a hilarious face to show how much craic you’re having. We repeat, this is not a passport application.

7. When the speeches are that bad

MWJaIEs Source: Imgur

When the best man decides to tell that “gas” anecdote about your trip around Thailand ten years ago, the parents’ reaction is always going to be facepalm-themed.

8.An unwelcome guest

Photobomb Source: Dailypicksandflicks

It’s kind of like the famous Bigfoot shot, except this is clearly a topless man going for a dip.

9. Any photos around water should be avoided, come to think of it.

A Gollum Look-Alike Pulled Off A Legendary Wedding Photobomb Source: Kelsey Borresen

10. Excitement for the afters builds mid-ceremony

ml7eY5T Source: Imgur

<insert wedding night joke here>

11. When your chosen destination is used exclusively for wedding photos

Clearly, Nobody Gets Married In Hawaii To Be Original Source: Kelsey Borresen

Riiiight. Original choice, everyone.

12. Pulling off that “quirky” shot on the beach

kick1 Source: Tfoster7102

Never, ever a good idea.

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