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15 of the fastest growing hipster baby names in Ireland this year

The stats are in.

Baby Source: gabi_menashe

EVERY YEAR, THE Passport Office of Ireland release the top 200 most popular baby names in the country.

The list for 2015 has just come out, and the names at the summit are as predictable as ever: Daniel, James, Emily, and Jack retain the top spots.

But there are new, cool names catching them fast. So, in order of popularity:

15. Jayden

Baby Source: M&R Glasgow

Just 18 babies got the passport with Jayden on it last year, but that figure is surely to rise in the future – it’s not that far off Jaden Smith territory in coolness.

14. Mason

David loves chocolate Source: jessicafm

19 Masons were welcomed into Ireland last year. Cool.

13. Annabelle

Baby Emily Source: Kitt Walker

And 19 Annabelles as well.

12. Kai

Sleep Like A Baby Source: peasap

20 passports with Kai as the name were issued to the babies of Ireland last year. It’s the lowest

11. Ollie

Baby boy Source: Camila Clarke

A jump to 25 for Ollie.

10. Éabha

Baby Blues Source: efleming

28 little Éabhas means it’s pushing up into the mainstream.

9. Liliana

Baby Dylan Source: peasap

30 Liliana’s got their own little passports in 2015.

8. Sebastian

bowtie Source: Tumblr

The eighth most popular hipster baby name. Sebastian is classy and on the move upwards.

7. Freya

Baby girl and Cheerios Source: hayleesherwood

And tied with Sebastian is Freya – both on 35.

6. Fiadh

Baby E - 4 Source: RebeccaVC1

The trend of old Irish names making their comeback sees 37 passports for Fiadh last year,

5. Saoirse

Milly resting with her Baby Source: donnierayjones

A big jump to Saoirse on 60. 2016′s number is bound to much bigger thanks to a certain Golden Globes-bound actress. At least the world will know how to pronounce it for the future generations.

4. Ella

Sick Baby Source: danibabii08

72 Ellasgot themselves international-transport-ready last year.

3. Dylan

Das Lächeln .......! Source: Günter Hentschel

And 72 Dylans were accounted for.

2. Ava

Baby E - 1 Source: RebeccaVC1

82 on the board for Avas everywhere. But it didn’t come close to…

1. Amelia

the wind of your absence Source: Hebe Aguilera

The second most popular girls name overall has had the trajectory of a Justin Bieber single in recent years. Expect there to be Amelias EVERYWHERE from now on.

Welcome to the mainstream, one and all. You’re getting seriously popular now.

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