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21 deadly bits and bobs you can get from H&M for under a tenner


TODAY, H&M IRELAND launched its online store.

Now you can shop women’s, men’s and kid’s clothes from the comfort of your own leaba. (This could get dangerous.)

If you ask us, however, their homeware range is where it’s at.

Look at all the deadly things you can get for under a tenner!

1. This very welcoming bath mat

For only €9.99.

irel Source: H&M

2. These towels that double up as ego-boosters

Two towels for €7.99.

amazing Source: H&M

3. This cushion cover that reminds you of going on holidays

A steal at €7.99

pillowcase Source: H&M

4. This pineapple-shaped serving tray

For €9.99.

servusg Source: H&M

5. This candy floss-pink photo frame

Just €7.99.

frame Source: H&M

6. This floral cushion cover


cushioned Source: H&M

7. This truthful bookend

Just €9.99.

books Source: H&M

8. This Destiny’s Child-esque plant pot


For €9.99.

pot Source: H&M

9. This fancy gold frame

For €7.99.

frame Source: H&M

10. This crocodile towel

For €7.99.

hmprod (3) Source: H&M

11. This “good” towel

Just €4.99 and you can hasten your transformation into your Mam.

hmprod (4) Source: H&M

12. This very necessary storage basket

Grab it for €9.99.

box Source: amy

13. This vibrant vase

For €9.99.

vase Source: H&M

14. This rather deadly bottle stopper

For €7.99.

hmprod (6) Source: H&M

15. This whimsical dischcloth

Makes a change from the traditional J Cloth, eh?


cloth Source: H&M

16. This fun cushion cover

Just €7.99.

99 Source: H&M

17. This scented candle

Just €2.99.

acand Source: H&M

18. This pretty little candle

Can be yours for €5.99.

green Source: H&M

19. This excellent tea towel


Just €3.99.

sun Source: H&M

20. This bottle opener

For €7.99.

bottle Source: H&M

21. And this leafy cushion cover

Just €9.99.

cush Source: H&M

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Amy O'Connor

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