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16 homework answers that prove kids are secret geniuses
Wise miniature people roam amongst us.

THE STRUGGLES OF homework plagued every Irish child on a nightly basis – and for those still going through it, it needs to end now.

So, these kids tactically getting around the horrors of homework are delightful in their simple genius:

1. This child speaks for us all

attZZ Imgur Imgur

Bye, Mass.

2. There is no arguing with this logic

V9mmwJN Imgur Imgur

3. This would have been 100% if names were provided

Unusual Exam Answers. Part 2 (23 pics)

4. They are like mathematical pets

53ypYTR Imgur Imgur

5. Calling out the ethics behind question two

imgur1 imgur imgur

6. Again, technically nothing wrong with this

n8gnC2Q Imgur Imgur


7. A bold claim

Fwedx7p Imgur Imgur

This kid’s got confidence.

8. The self awareness is strong in this one

zi2w1wL Imgur Imgur

9. Political commentary

Checking my sons homework when suddenly... Imgur Imgur

10. Genius

XXKOk Imgur Imgur

11. A legitimate maths technique

My kid's math homework Imgur Imgur

12. No lies here

imgur2 tumblr tumblr

13. Saying what nobody else will – the truth

funny-little-kid-homework Themetapicture Themetapicture

14. A craze for bicycles indeed

raleigh izismile izismile

15. Nailed it

Imgur Imgur Imgur

16. Award this person 100% immediately

imgur3 reddit reddit

All of these children are secret geniuses and the evidence above simply proves it.

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