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11 times kids were brutally honest with their homework
Sayin’ it straight.

1. When the right answer isn’t there, this little person got creative

granddad Imgur Imgur

Not afraid to tell it like it is.

2. “I don’t even know what it is”

zi2w1wL Imgur Imgur

3. This kid didn’t hold back with their unbiased assessment of the situation

challenging Imgur Imgur

4. Self awareness in homework is to be applauded

freeloader Tumblr Tumblr

5. The brutal honesty that these miniature humans display is admirable

drawship Tumblr Tumblr

6. When you go for a 50/50, you still have to show your work

This is why my kid is going places. Imgur Imgur

Nailed it.

7. This kid has a future career in complex motivational speaking

P0AVi7f Imgur Imgur

8. The harsh, brutal reality of life is not lost on this little one

ghostsarenot Imgur Imgur

9. While this mam comes off well here

ellen23 theberry theberry

10. Poor Mrs McMahon didn’t know what she was getting herself in for

goodteacher pinterest pinterest

11. And this kid wasn’t afraid to identify what we were all thinking

massimage Imgur Imgur

These kids are going places.

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