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Honda has made a rival to the Segway, and it looks like a moving toilet

Practical, maybe. Respectable, never.

Source: Honda

HONDA HAS MADE a new personal mobility device, which it hopes will become a rival to the now-familiar Segway.

It’s called the Uni-Cub. Instead of standing on it like a Segway, users sit down. Movement is controlled simply by adjusting posture.

Also… yes, we can see the practical applications. But it looks absolutely ridiculous. Like a moving toilet.

Source: Top In News/YouTube

The Uni-Cub was brought out in Japan last November, but launched in Europe this week.

Honda’s promotional materials state that it’s designed for indoor use only – unlike the larger Segway – and says that the Uni-Cub has already been used by many visitors to Japan’s National Museum for Emerging Science and Innovation, to tour the exhibits.

Just imagine them all. Buzzing round the museum on their little whirring toilets.

Source: Honda Japan/YouTube

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