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12 actually honest things celebrities said in 2012

Those rare moments of clarity? We’ve picked out the best of them.

THE WORLD OF celebrities is a tricky one to read. All the hype, the publicity, the media attention – sometimes it’s hard to know what’s really going on.

Which makes it all the more refreshing when celebrities speak out. Tell us what you REALLY think:

“She’s such a nightmare. Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger c***.”

- Elton John on Madonna

“Farting is farting. Everybody farts.”

- Jon Hamm

“A friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady. It shined like a disco ball so I have a whole chapter in there on how women should vagazzle their vajayjays.”

- Jennifer Love Hewitt

“I’m a miserable c***.”

- Kristen Stewart

“I don’t need a stunt a**. I would regret it for the rest of my life.”

- Matthew McConaughey on declining a body double for stripper movie Magic Mike

“How can you turn an entire house into a sex dungeon?”

- Alex Reid is puzzled

“I’m not well-endowed”.

- Mark Ruffalo

“I want to be taking myself seriously as an actress.”

- Selena Gomez

“The French are f****** insane”

- Rihanna

“I hate khaki cargo shorts”

- Kanye West

“I feel like I have a bowling ball sitting on my hoo-ha! Apparently I have a lot of amniotic fluid, so whenever my water breaks it will be like a fire hydrant!”

- Jessica Simpson on pregnancy

“I can always go to his next one.”

- Louis Walsh on not attending Brian McFadden’s wedding

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