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Truly honest movie posters for this year's Oscars nominees

The Wolf of Wall Street, Philomena, Gravity… what are they REALLY about?
Jan 17th 2014, 9:12 AM 5,474 1

SO, YOU’VE SEEN American Hustle, and you thought it was…. good? It was good, right? Anyone?

Come off it. You went to see Jennifer Lawrence starring in Jennifer Lawrence: Look At All My Hair and Side Boob.

Here’s that movies poster, and some other truly honest representations of this year’s Oscars nominees from around the web…

7df5f13843001ba6c4201afacd017649 Source: Cvcdn

317a22ae6db3593fe89721b3eadba887 Source: Cvcdn

wolf-of-wall-street Source: Theshiznit


c8e9ecf66fbaae2d73e8bfef01f8f3bc Source: Cvcdn

If 2014's Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth Source: Theshiznit

gravity Source: Theshiznit

honest-american-hustle-poster-hypable Source: Hypable

saving-mr-banks Source: Theshiznit

8e3d68fbb190c4923d11da29c6a14874 Source: Cvcdn

her Source: Theshiznit

all-is-lost-new Source: Theshiznit


86982cba126fd9c0b6301d02b86686fe Source: Cvcdn

 via Uproxx

All of the Oscar nominations right here in a handy list>

Moriarty from Sherlock is on The Late Late Show tonight>

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