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apocalypse now?

Hooray! If you're reading this the world hasn't ended

Predictions that the world would end today with the coming of ‘the Rapture’ seem to have been miscalculated. Unless I’m typing this in the afterlife.

THE DAY ISN’T over yet but it seems that predictions that the end of the world was nigh seem to have been a bit off.

Doomsday prophet and fundamentalist Christian Harold Camping had warned that ‘the Rapture’ was coming today, after making the prediction a few years ago. Camping said that today marks 7,000 years since Noah’s flood, and that it was about time that God unleashed his fury.

The US head of Christian broadcasting company Family Radio Worldwide said that things like homosexuality had made God angry enough to begin a series of devastating earthquakes to bring the world to a halt.

But, as day began to break across Australia nobody was swept up to heaven as Camping had predicted, and in fact as 21 May past into 22 May in Sydney, things seemed to have passed off without a hitch:

The Guardian reports that Twitter was the only place in fact where the Rapture was having any effect, with some pretty awful jokes doing the rounds too.

Camping had said that the world would end at 6pm in each of the world’s time zones (God is obviously able to control his anger long enough to keep an eye on Greenwich Mean Time etc) but the only thing shaking up Ireland around that time was the Leinster team’s performance in Cardiff.