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9 times horses thought they were one of us

Bless them.

1. This horse doing the shopping in Ballinasloe yesterday is just following in the footsteps of other noble steeds

ballinasloe Source: Imgur

2. Like this horse taking the LUAS about Dublin last month

11855378_10154358480563357_53588675_n Source: Una Mc Crystal

3. This guy blowing out his birthday candles could be any one of us

horsey3 Source: YouTube

4. The very fact that this shop felt the need to put up this sign

photo1 Source: Sean Gough

The horse was in there getting its weekly supply of sweets no doubt.

5. This horse enjoying a casual pint

horsey4 Source: MacMonagle Facebook


6. And this horse LOVES getting his neck scratched

horseneck Source: Imgur

And will even give out hugs to those that do it.

7. This horse in for its chipper

horse-18-630x472 Ballymun, June 2013 Source: Twitter/Graham Darcy

As you do of an evening.

8. The time this horse took a little dog for a walk was adorable

horsedog Source: YouTube

And also something we would do. ONE OF US.

9. And finally, this horse poking its head in the door to check out the odds

Source: Imgur

“I don’t feel right about betting on this.”

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