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Which House of Cards Character Are You?

Are you a Frank or a Zoe? Find out here.

1. Pick a drink.
2. Pick a meal

Chinese takeout
3. Pick a movie.
The Usual Suspects
The Hunger Games

All The President's Men
Mean Girls
4. Which political moment do you find most disturbing?
Barack Obama wearing a bad suit
Nigel Farage barricading himself in a pub

Dick Cheney accidentally shooting a guy in the face
Photocall Ireland
Enda Kenny chasing a goose
6. How do you like to exercise?
Going for a run
Hitting the gym

Playing sport
Reaching slowly for the crisps
7. What would you like more of right now?
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You are Frank Underwood!
You're powerful, you're ruthless, and you will stop at nothing to get what you want. You also love a good feed of barbecue.
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You scored out of !
You are Claire Underwood!
You're ambitious, you're cunning, and you don't let anyone get in your way. Oh, and you like a drink from time to time.
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You are Zoe Barnes!
You've a habit of getting into tricky situations. You send a lot of text messages. And your relationships with people are a bit odd.
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You are ruthless political fixer Doug Stamper!
You're someone who gets things done while everyone else is faffing about. And you probably work too hard.
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You are powerful billionaire Raymond Tusk!
You like getting what you want. And what you want is the finer things in life.
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You scored out of !
You are Freddy the Barbecue Guy!
You're basically the only sympathetic character in the whole series. And you make great food. Congratulations!
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