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16 struggles anyone who has house-hunted in Dublin will understand

AKA the worst.

1. All the hours you spend on Daft.ie

Until your brain feels like this:

(Don’t get us wrong, Daft.ie is a brilliant site and we love the people who run it. (Hi guys!) Just think how much worse it would be WITHOUT it…)

2. Signing up to so many email alerts, you don’t know what to do with them all

Source: Wordpress

3. Having to seriously adjust your expectations of what constitutes a “double room”

Source: @emsug via @daftnessofdaft

4. Or a “kitchen”

Source: @daftnessofdaft

5. The realisation that you’re going to have to go WAY over your budget

Basically, you’re doing this. Forever.

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6. The agony of ringing up to find a place has already been let

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7. Carrying around your deposit money and first month’s rent in a ratty envelope

AKA more cash than you’ve ever needed in your life.

Source: andrewrennie

8. That moment when you turn up at a place which doesn’t even look that nice, and it’s like this

Source: James Cridland

9. Receiving totally unfair stinkeye from other potential tenants while looking around

Source: Gifsoup

Hey – aren’t we all in this together? No?

10. Seeing the same furniture EVERYWHERE

Source: @daftnessofdaft

Source: @daftnessofdaft

11. The painful necessity of sucking up to letting agents

AKA the enemy.

Source: Gr-assets

12. Learning the alluring mystery of the places with no photos on the website

Before viewing:

After viewing:

Source: goldberg

13. Getting desperate, and going back through the old ads that you dismissed first time around

“We can make it work, right?”

Source: Daft.ie

14. Even considering the ads with… odd… requests

Source: Daft.ie

15. And finally finding a place that’s OK…

Source: @daftnessofdaft

16 … before starting the tense, agonising wait for a landlord to call you back.

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They’ll never call.

Source: Reactiongifs

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