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How Annoying Are You On Public Transport?

Do people get off a stop early to avoid you?

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WELL, JUST HOW much do people want to walk, just to avoid you. Find out here.

1. How do you pay on a bus?
With whatever coin I can find in my pocket.
I always gather the correct change while I'm waiting

A travel pass
2. Where is the correct place to put your feet?
The floor in front of me
The back of the seat in front or the one opposite
3. You have lots of bags or luggage. Where do you put it?
In the baggage area
On the seat beside me

Swinging from me while standing
At my feet or on my lap
4. You're feeling tired, what do you do?
Read or do something to ensure I remain alert
Nod off, so my head keeps dipping like I'm about to fall asleep on you but, I actually always wake up

Spread out over a few seats for a nap
Yawn excessively but stay awake in case I miss my stop
5. You're a bit bored, what do you do?
Start talking to the person next to me
Read a book or listen to music

Carry out some sort of bodily maintenance, e.g nail clipping, spot popping
Call someone I haven't spoken to in ages
6. Pick something acceptable to eat on public transport.
7. Finally, you've forgotten your earphones. What DO YOU DO?
Listen to it on speaker, baby
Sit there in a silent rage
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You're SO annoying
People move to avoid you and you just know you've been the subject of someone's disgruntled Luas tweet. Do us a favour and cycle.
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You scored out of !
You're not that annoying at all
You're grand. You might do something mildly annoying on a packed bus, but mostly you're alright.
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You scored out of !
You're a sound passenger
You're a sound passenger. We bet you give old people your seat and help mothers' with prams up the step. You legend.
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You're just the absolute worst
Please stop taking public transport--for everyone's sake. Learn to drive, or better yet, stay at home.
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