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How Awkward Are You On A First Date?


1. If your love life could be summed up by one film, it would be...
American Pie

The Notebook
2. How do you feel about drinking before a date to settle nerves?
Nah, never bother
In drastic circumstances, I think I would

Nothing wrong with a sly one before meeting
Yes, a couple before meeting up is usually a real help
3. Is it ever acceptable to take out your phone if you're bored when your date is still at the table?
Sometimes, yes
Absolutely not
4. Where is the best place to have a first date?
A restaurant
A pub

The cinema
5. You have a crush on someone you work with, do you...
Never, ever mention it
Casually ask them to go for a drink over email

Quietly cry at your desk thinking about them
Hope for a sneaky shift at the Christmas party
6. Which sitcom character do you most identify with?
Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm
Rachel from Friends

Charlie from Two and a Half Men
Pam from The Office
7. Is texting someone after 3am a regular occurrence for you?
No. Not regularly anyway
8. On average, how many white lies do you tell on a first date?
A few

As many as I need to get me through
9. Have you ever gone on two dates in the one night?
Eh, actually I have
10. And finally... at the end of a first date you are most likely going to be...
Tired, emotional and alone
Getting the shift

Politely waving goodbye
All by yourself at the bar
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You are supremely confident
You have the chats and never let an awkward silence develop. You should be giving tips to others on how to have the perfect first date craic. Kudos.
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You are pretty good
You hold it together well on a first date and have no problem picking the right location. All in all, you look upon first dates as the perfect chance to have the craic. So well done you.
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You are slightly awkward
You dread the awkward silences and will fill them with... more silence. Still, you can hold it together to get you through the first date, and that's really all that matters.
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You are really, really awkward
Sometimes a first date can seem like it goes on forever for you - and not in a good way. Time stands still as you try to come up with something witty to say. Things can only get better though, so there is hope yet.
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