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How Enya Are You?

Who can say which one you are, only time.

IT’S THE QUEEN’S birthday month. Yes, Enya is another year older and wiser today. But how Enya are YOU?


1. First off, what do you think Enya is reading here?
Beautiful poetry
A lads mag

How To Clean Your Castle
A prop, it's a damn video

Folklore, containing details of what the future holds for each and every one of us
2. What do you reckon she's thinking of here?
How to make the world a better place
Where her next million is coming from

What does it all mean?
How did I get up here?

Do we really have free will?
3. Pick something to display in your castle

4. Is this #goals?
Goals are but a construct

Hell yes
5. Pick an Enya fringe level

6. Finally... fill in the missing word. Who can say where the road goes, where the __ flows... Only... tiiiiiime

Answer all the questions to see your result!
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Majestic Enya
You are the highest of all Enyas. Think Enya, singing Only Time, while floating across a midnight blue sea, illuminated only by the stars. Oh, Enya.
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Queen Enya
You are the Enya we all know and love. The Enya that dances in the forest at night and sings with the fairies at dusk. QUEEN.
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Hiding-Out-In-Her-Castle Enya
You're a bit Enya, but only when you let us in. Open it, embrace it, QUEEEN.
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Prompting roses to spontaneously open Enya
You're so Enya, roses open in your presence. What a gift you have, what a gift we all have. Babies stop crying when they look at you.
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Sassy Enya
You're the Enya we rarely see, but we already know we love. Get it gurl, make that dolla.
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