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These couples revealed how many people they've slept with and things got awkward

Of course they did.

THERE ARE SOME things that every relationship needs to have out in the open – and then there are other things.

How many people your significant other has slept with in the past falls into the latter. Sure, it’s great if you want to share such info, but for some couples it is better left untouched.

For these, the atmosphere is almost unbearable:

Source: Elite Daily/YouTube

The video by Elite Daily puts the couples in front of a camera and gets them to cover the topic they have clearly been avoiding for their whole relationship. In amongst all the choice quotes presented, one sums it all up:

Girlfriend: “The past is the past, we don’t have to talk about it.”

And the response:

Boyfriend: “We might talk about it later.”

OGe1orp Source: Imgur

How was this ever going to end well?

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