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How Normal Are You?

A not-very-scientific-but-interesting quiz.

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HOW DO YOUR personal habits match up to everyone else’s?

We’ve collected evidence from a number of sources (varying from highly to not-at-all scientific) and will match your answers against them.

Prepare to reveal thy true level of vanilla-ness…

1. Have you kept your New Year's Resolutions so far?

Didn't make any
2. When was the last time you farted audibly in front of someone else?
Within the last month
Between a month and six months ago

More than six months ago
I've never done that
3. Can you roll your tongue?
4. Eggs in the press, or eggs in the fridge?
Eggs in the press (or elsewhere at room temperature)
Eggs in the fridge
5. How would you rate your driving ability?

Below average
I don't drive
6. Do you think it's OK to go to the toilet in front of your other half?
Sure, why not?
Yes, but only number one

Absolutely not
7. Should pineapple ever go on a pizza?
Over my dead body
8. How many sexual partners have you had?


More than 20
9. Do you wash your feet in the shower?
Yes, I take special care to wash my feet
Nah, just let the water run over them

Depends what I've been doing with my feet
10.How many pairs of jeans do you own?

9 or more
11. Is your bellybutton an innie or an outie?
12. Do you fold the loo roll to wipe, or crumple it?
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
Yep, you're normal.
Your answers line up pretty well with the majority - so judging by these, you're about as weird as everybody else!
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You scored out of !
You're just weird enough to be interesting.
Good work. On the whole your answers line up with the majority - but there are a few where you're out on your own (and fair play to you).
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You scored out of !
Yep, you're totally unusual. Fair play to you.
Your answers are pretty different to most other people's. Which is fantastic! Keep on being yourself - with more weirdos like you, the world would be a better place.
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Sources of varying reliability: About 64 per cent of people are still on their New Year’s Resolutions by the end of January; most men have farted ”loudly” in front of someone in the last month (OK THIS IS JUST MEN BUT STILL); 65-80 per cent of people can roll their tongue; the majority keep their eggs in the press; most of us think it’s OK to pee in front of your other half but not poo; more people like pineapple on pizza than hate it; most people just let the water run over their feet; the average person owns seven pairs of jeans; somewhere around 90 per cent of people have innie bellybuttons; significantly more people fold the loo roll than crumple it; the vast majority of drivers rate their driving ability as above average; the average Irish person has slept with 8.5 other people.

Source: Lemonbeats/YouTube

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