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Shoppers in the US have apparently forgotten how shopping baskets work

What have we come to?

THINGS ARE GETTING simpler, this much we know.

But the latest internet phenomenon getting everyone worked up takes this to the next level – looking at people who have forgotten how basic shopping baskets work.

It started with this photo that was posted to Reddit, showing a shopper in US superstore Target dragging her basket around in the rack that it’s supposed to be stored in instead of carrying it

xR2noXJ Source: Imgur

Then, all hell broke loose online, with more and more Target shoppers being caught red-handed dragging their baskets around with them (remember, there are no wheels on these bad boys – they have to be dragged)

imgur3 Source: Imgur

It’s now an epidemic, how long before it reaches Ireland?

imgur4 Source: Imgur

The best thing about it though, is that it’s already spawned some imitators satirising the whole concept with multiple baskets

3KQacsO Source: Imgur

bT8yRhX Source: Imgur

We wish that these multiple stack examples were real, but alas, the single basket offenders are the only ones out there. Like this innovator

imgur1 Source: Imgur

How did we get here? *sobs*

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