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how stingy are you?

Are You Stingy or Flaithulach?

Just how stingy are you?

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  • Mean; ungenerous; not liking or wanting to spend money. He was so stingy, he brought a calculator to dinner. 


  • Generous; extravagant with cash. 

Which one are you? Let’s find out.

1. It's your round in the pub. Do you...
Gladly participate. What's everyone having? Sure, I'll get shots.
Reluctantly participate. But it breaks your heart and leaves you in a bad humour for the night.

Suggest to your friends that you stop doing rounds and just "drink at your own pace".
2. A good mate asks to borrow some cash. What do you say?
"No problem! Take my money!"
"Okay, but here are the repayment terms..."

"I'd really love to help, but I just think this sort of thing can ruin friendships.
3. It's cold in the house. Do you:
Turn on the heating, of course.
Hem and haw over it before deciding to turn it on for half an hour. But half an hour ONLY.

Put on a jumper. Anything not to turn on the heating.
4. You have some treats on your desk. Do you:
Share the bag out to co-workers/pals and ask if anyone would like one.
Pray that nobody notices the bag on your desk, so you can keep all the crisps for yourself.
5. If you order takeaway, do you tip the delivery man?
Yes always.
Only if I'm hungover and not in my right frame of mind.

Eh, isn't that what the delivery charge is for?
6. Have you ever haggled with a taxi driver?
Yes and I have frequently got my fare reduced by, like, €2.
7. Has anyone ever accused you of "still having your communion money"?
Yes, this is an accusation frequently levelled at me.
No, everybody knows that I blew my communion money on a Nintendo 64 a long time ago.
8. Finally: what is your opinion on own brand cola?
The absolute grimmest.
It's actually not that bad. I don't even taste the difference!

Maybe as a mixer?
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You are as stingy as they come.
There's no getting around it - you're basically a miser. You love money and love not spending it more. At least all your savings probably qualify for a mortgage, though.
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You scored out of !
You're positively flaithulach!
You are flash with the cash and basically throw money around the place. You may have woken up to one or two receipts from nights out that have made you physically ill, but at least you're not stingy, right?
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