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Peelin' good

Here's how to peel a hard boiled egg in a couple of seconds

Life hacks are getting more and more useful.

THERE ARE MANY hassles associated with the kitchen, and one of them is peeling a hard boiled egg.

One Youtuber has done away with any potential shell problems, as KeepItFire2 shows you exactly how to peel a hard boiled egg without fragments going everywhere.

Watch him in action here:

KeepItFire2 / YouTube

His process starts by gently cracking both the top and the bottom of the egg on a paper plate.

“On the bottom part you’re going to want to take out a big chunk of the shell. On the top you need to take out just a little bit,” he says.

“Take it in your hand and cup it like that with the big end on the outside.”

“Then, just blow.”

egggif KeepItFire2 KeepItFire2

And there you have it.

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