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How to support Movember… without growing face fuzz
Music singles, branded cookie cutters and, er, condoms… just some of the wacky ways to pay tribute to the mo’ bros and mo’ sistas.

WE’RE SLAP-BANG in the middle of Movember and those ‘taches and goatees (cheats!) are maturing nicely.

But what if you don’t have the capacity to grow facial hair? How else can you support the annual fundraiser for men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer and depression?

As Movember takes its cause seriously but doesn’t take ITSELF too seriously, may we suggest some of the quirkier fundraisers on offer…

Buy a Movember moustache comb – the official Movember ‘face-grown and handbrushed’ online merchandise shop has some branded products from the ridiculous to the sublime. Movember brand condoms and cookie cutters anyone? (Presumably, if your other half doesn’t like your facial hair, you can bake yourself a treat instead).

Be single - well, not exactly. BUY a single. Irish indie-rocksters DC Tempest have released the single Sometimes – from their new EP ‘Cities’ – on iTunes and all proceeds go to Movember Ireland. The band’s lead singer Alan Starr said that the cause is very close to home for him. “The goal should be to get the song in the Top 40 singles charts and try to keep it there for the rest of November”.

Starr also made the very decent offer to busk outside or in any shop in Ireland which is prepared to encourage people to download the single. (Contact him at the band’s website).

At 99 cent a download, what are you waiting for?

Party for the prostate - The Irish Cancer Society’s prostate cancer research and campaigning fund is one of the main recipients of monies raised in the Irish Movember. That might help inspire you to host a Mo Party – anywhere you like – and the Movember org will send you a special Mo Party pack to get your started. There is at least one person in office who hopes to bring home the Man of Movember trophy…

Download the Movember app - it’s free but the app it helps you connect with Movember events, fundraising progress (and your Mo-gress, if you’re in the growth end of the experience).

Celebrate a month of growth - Don’t get too attached to that mo’, sistas and bros – it’ll only hurt to let it go. To help ease the pain, there are several gala partés at the end of November/start of December around Ireland. Limerick’s is in Wicked Chicken on 27 November; Cork’s is in Crane Lane on 30 November; Dublin’s is in Tripod on 1 December; Galway’s is in Róisín Dubh on 2 December. Tickets are only a tenner.

If you have a Movember event coming up, be sure to post it in the comments section below to let all the mo’ bros and mo’ sistas know about it…

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