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For everyone who still misses the Mars Delight every single day

We’re here for you.

ONE OF THE great unsolved mysteries of the world, one of those things that still wakes us up in the middle of the night, is what happened to the Mars Delight.

55630ebde5da1 Source: Mars

The bar, a ‘lighter’ version of the Mars bar, arrived on the scene in 2004 and disappeared a few years later without a reason, and without saying goodbye.

Despite this, it still remains an object of fixation for many chocolate lovers

Like a fancier, better Kinder Bueno.

How you were probably supposed to eat them one piece at a time, but gobbled them both in one go

The two bars were probably designed for intermittent snacking throughout the day. LOL, as if.

A four-pack was downright dangerous to have in the house.

The dreamy caramel and chocolate cream filling

delight2 Source: Chocablog

So sweet and moreish.

But best of all, that lovely wafer

SONY DSC Source: Wikimedia

*sobs softly*

People are literally thinking about eating expired bars, such is the demand for their return

We’d give it a go anyway. It’d be worth it.

Sadly, the Mars Delight seems destined to be ‘under marketing review’ forever more

Damn you, Mars. You wouldn’t know a good thing if you saw it.

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