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14 amazing Irish trees to see before you die

Yes, trees. Just go with it.

WE’VE HAD DELICIOUS grub to try before you die, and Irish pubs to visit before you die.

Now it’s time to get out and about and appreciate Ireland’s legendary green landscape.

Here are some of the country’s most impressive, beautiful and important trees….

1. The sitting tree, Glendalough

The perfect place for a bit of a sit and a bit of a think.

shaw Source: Shawn Wang

#Glendalough #Ireland #amazing #tree #trunk that is #live... Amigos de la vida.... Source: barriosdesimone

2. St Fintan’s Money Tree

Located at Clonenagh in Co Laois, this tree was planted on the site of an early Christian monastery.

It was the custom to push coins into the trunk of the tree and say a prayer, which led to serious decay due to metal poisoning.

According to the Tree Council it is currently undergoing a spate of ‘vigorous re-growth’.

fin Source: Wikimedia Commons

3. Charleville Castle’s King Oak tree

This sprawling giant was in the running for European Tree of the Year last year (but lost out to a Plane tree in Hungary). It’s on the grounds of Charleville Castle in Tullamore, Co Offaly.

Legend has it that there was a special connection between the tree and the Bury family, and that if one of the branches of the tree fell, a member of the family would die shortly afterwards.

IR Source: treeoftheyear.org

4. Ireland’s tallest tree

This Douglas Fir towers at 61.5 metres (202 ft) at Powerscourt House and Gardens in Co. Wicklow.

It’s the seventh tallest tree in Europe and is located along the Powerscourt River Walk.

tall Source: blog.powerscourt.ie

5. The Hungry Tree

Located in the gardens of Kings Inns in Dublin, this ancient tree saw something it liked and went for it!

Dublins greatest public bench at the kings inns Source: Facebook

6. Ballyshannon’s Rag Tree

Located at the Abbey Well in Ballyshannon Co Donegal this ‘Holy Tree’ or ‘Rag Tree’ is laden with objects left behind by pilgrims.

IMG_1109 Source: Michael O'Dea/BlogSpot

IMG_1148 Source: Michael O'Dea/BlogSpot

abbey Source: Fergal McGrath Photography

7. Ireland’s girthiest tree

According to MonumentalTrees.org the Monterey Cypress at Clontra House in Shankill in Dublin is an astounding 9.9 metres wide. It stands at around 20m in height.


mont2 Source: TreeCouncil.ie

8. The Birr Castle Grey Poplar

Currently in the running to be the European Tree of the Year 2014, this tree is the largest of its kind in Ireland and Britain.

birr Source: TreeOfTheYear.org

9. The Magic Tree, Waterford

This tree on the way to Mahon Falls in the Comeragh Mountains in Waterford.

It marks the beginning of a legendary ‘magic road’. If you turn off your car’s engine at this particular point in the road and let off your handbrake, your car will travel up the hill. Magic!

The original tree was cut down by vandals in 2011, but a new landmark has been planted and is protected by a fence.

(Turn off the sound in this video. Trust us)

Source: papseyno1

10. The Divis Fairy Tree

Located near Hannahstown outside Belfast this fairy tree also marks a magic road.

Local legend says that if you park at the bottom of the hill and let off the brake, the fairies will push you to the top.

Farmers are typically loathe to cut down trees that stand on their own in the middle of a field because of the fairy legends associated with them.

fairy_tree Source: Peter Rush photography

11. Ireland’s oldest tree #1

There is some disagreement over which tree actually is Ireland’s oldest, although there is consensus that it is a yew tree.

MonumentalTrees.com claims that this yew at Muckross Friary in Killarney, Co Kerry is Ireland’s oldest at 670 years old:

yew1 Source: MonumentalTrees.org

12. Ireland’s oldest tree #2

Maynooth College meanwhile claims that it is home to a yew that’s between 700 and 800 years old:

SilkenThomasYew Source: Maynoothcollege

13. Ireland’s oldest tree #3

This yew in the grounds of Crom Castle in Co Fermanagh is thought to be 800+ years old.

OLDEST YEW AT CROM CASTLE Source: Navan Trekkers Photos

14. The Fairy Tree, Connemara

This tree located at Killary Harbour in Connemara is littered with rags.

Legend has it that people tie ribbons around the branches in the hope that fairies will take the ribbons away, and with them the troubles of the people who left them there.

Fjord Killary- Fairie tree 1 Source: mariejirousek

Fairy tree Source: Nicai Flickr

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