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11 uniquely Irish ways of swearing

When you want to swear but can’t go all out with it.

SOMETIMES, HAVING A full-blown, proper swear is just not appropriate.

So we, as a people, have had to be inventive and come up with ways around the major, obvious swear words. Leaving us with some perfectly Irish half swear words that do the job just as well:

1. Feck

feck-752x501 Source: Thejournal

The classic. Any way to get around saying the actual word f**k was welcomed – and feck was always your best bet.

2. Puck

idiva_gif_012 Source: Idiva

This can be rolled into your regular GAA chat as well as substituting perfectly for its well known rhyming equivalent.

3. Cac

tumblr_mg65s9Y0SQ1qcay1ao1_500 Source: Tumblr

“That is absolute cac.”

A more poetic way of saying s**t, and we’re all the better for it.

4. Gick

tumblr_inline_n5anglg1Co1seis0h Source: Tumblr

A delightful way of describing defecation – it has a nice, harsh tone to it as well.

5. Shite

pure Source: Flickr

Prefaces many of our most beloved phrases. Insert in front of bag, hawk, box and you’re away. It’s actually better than the more basic word it’s intended to replace.

6. Fudge

giphy-764 Source: Thejournal

One of the tamest swear words you are likely to hear, but it can’t be denied its rightful place amongst its other, more coarse brethren.

7. Sugar

Sugar Source: Mel B.

8. Fack

annoyed-6 Source: Thejournal

Used around the country as a perfect workaround in front of Mammy. You’re technically not swearing, and that’s all that matters.

9. Bollix

ezgif.com-resize-2 Source: Ranthollywood

The ‘ix’ ending compared to the ‘ocks’ one gives bollix a whimsy that the other sorely lacks.

10. Jaysus

giphy Source: Giphy

A completely different ball game altogether from the much more serious and formal “Jesus” pronunciation.

11. Hoor

hoor2 Source: Flickr

The pronunciation is as old as Irish slang itself. And no better way to exclaim your outrage at someone/thing than to elongate the ooo in “hoooor.”

What is your go-to Irish swear word that’s not actually a swear word? Let us know in the comments. 

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