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This student from Co Down tested his US classmates on Nordie slang, and they hadn't a clue

Do you think I came down the Lagan in a bubble though? Do you?

9 drawings showing the surprising origins of everyday slang

Read this before you kick the bucket.

10 words that just sound better in a Monaghan accent

“Do do do do… Faaaarney Army.”

13 of the most cutting things a Dubliner could ever call you

C’mere to me ye dope.

Bejaysus is a sacred Irish word and we’re glad the world knows about it

It’s a way to sound pissed off that’s both poetic and quintessentially Irish.

How Well Do You Speak Teen?


An Official Ranking Of The Most Acceptable Slang Terms For Kissing

Did you meet someone, or did you MEET someone?

Which Old Irish Slang Word Should You Use Every Day?

Get in here now and take this important quiz.

11 uniquely Irish ways of swearing

When you want to swear but can’t go all out with it.

5 alternative names for your bottle of Buckfast

Lurgan Champagne.

Just how Irish is the 'Irish goodbye'? Slan Abhaile This post contains a poll

Just how Irish is the 'Irish goodbye'?

Has it really got anything to do with us? We investigated.

10 Irish slang words that need to be added to the dictionary right now

This is *our* language – the world needs to know about it.

There was some gobshite on Countdown yesterday

Use it in a sentence.

Here's how you say 'YOLO' in Irish

Sound down with the kids as Gaeilge.

10 exceptionally questionable bits of 'Irish slang' found online

This is how we talk, apparently.

14 words and phrases that have a totally different meaning in Dublin

Excuse me, what does that mean? “Ask me bollix.”

11 old-timey words for 'hangover' we need to bring back

This crapulous bottle-ache will be the death of me.

10 words and phrases that have a totally different meaning in Waterford

“Were you made in the glass factory?”

32 perfect observations about every Irish county's accent

We’re a quare nation, all the same.

9 more hapless tourists try to translate Irish slang

I will in me hole.

From The42 A guide to Irish football shouts for US fans you’ll meet in Dublin tonight Slang

A guide to Irish football shouts for US fans you’ll meet in Dublin tonight

When the word ‘house’ has got nothing to do with a living space.

Watch 12 hapless tourists struggling to translate Irish slang

“If I had a garden full of Mickeys?”

9 modern slang phrases broken down and explained

Know your “thot” from your “bae”.

8 very interesting origins of Irish slang words

Those words. The good ones. Where do they come from?

Here's further proof that Newfoundlanders and Irish people are the same

A Newfoundland actor explained some Newfoundlandese slang, and it sounds VERY familiar.

The 8 most embarrassing parts of everyone's teenage diaries

Dear Diary, today Conor asked me if he could use my sharpener. WOW!!!

Is the Irish accent actually the sexiest in the world?

We think it is and here’s why.

From 9 distinctly Irish terms of abuse Sponsored By Damo And Ivor

9 distinctly Irish terms of abuse

Do you recognise any of these words? Well then you might just be a feckin’ langer.

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