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Ma chong km/AP/Press Association Images A Chinese doctor shows the rusted knife blade against an x-ray of Ni's head.

10cm blade removed from man's head after four years

Man in China spent years self-medicating with painkillers for headaches after being stabbed in the head during a robbery.

DOCTORS IN CHINA HAVE removed a 10 cm blade from the skull of a man who thought his headaches were caused by an ear infection, Russia Today reports.

The patient identified as Mr Ni spent over four years self-medicating with painkillers before he sought medical treatment for his pain.

X-rays of Ni’s head showed the blade sitting almost vertically in Ni’s head. Although initially doctors told Chinese media that they could not find scarring marking the blade’s entry point, Ni later remembered he had been stabbed in the jaw during a robbery.

The Telegraph reports that Ni, who suffered from headaches and had difficulty swallowing and speaking, did not suffer any brain or facial nerve injuries.

The rusty blade removed from his head was 10cm in length and 1.8cm wide.

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