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Hulk Hogan, looming above you. (Sorry.) Jeff Christensen/AP/Press Association Images

The Dredge: Hulk Hogan comes clean about his sex tape

We get our hands mucky with the best of the day’s dirt.

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, the Daily Edge digs through the celebrity dirt to bring you the best of it. Here’s The Dredge…

Sex tape starlet Hulk Hogan has spoken out about the film of him enjoying intimate congress with his best friend’s wife Heather Clem, saying it has “devastated” him. Which is funny, because at the time he said it made him feel “like a pig”. (Radar)

Hulk suggested the bedroom fun was not spontaneous, and happened only after protracted contractual negotiations with Heather and her husband Bubba The Love Sponge. “There was ongoing dialogue for two years.” (OMG)

But things have now gone sour. Hulk has now warned Bubba: “If you had anything to do with [leaking] this, we were never friends,” suggesting that he does not understand the concept of linear time. (TMZ)


The Words

Rural Tipperary: Where Jim Carrey’s ‘mystery’ new girlfriend apparently comes from. The comedian was photographed with a bikini-clad girl on the beach in Malibu, and that girl is 26-year-old make-up artist Cathriona White from “a very small rural village in Tipperary”. Dating 50-year-old Jim Carrey is just one of the many perils of emigration. (Radar)

This man could be yours, Irish women! (Jason DeCrow/AP/Press Association Images)

Warpath: What Gary Barlow is now on after the weekend’s X Factor elimination debacle. He has reportedly threatened to quit if it happens again, demanding that the show focus on “genuine talent”. Meanwhile the contestant at the centre of it all, Rylan Clark, has got a big tattoo of Gary’s face on his back. (The Sun, Mail Online)

Gary Barlow standing on a path. We could not confirm whether it is the warpath. (Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Press Association Images)

Househunting: What Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are reportedly doing, checking out mansions worth $7-10million in Miami. If they move in together, Kim will probably want to stop going on ChatRoulette. Oh, and she grabbed a handful of Kanye’s bum. (TMZ, Mirror)

Kanye and Kim gazing at a giant house (Francois Mori/AP/Press Association Images)


The Dirt

Steven Seagal always, always carries a gun. (FilmDrunk)

Miriam O’Callaghan says she works “ten times harder than any man”. ANY man. (Irish Daily Mirror)

Richard Gere has been hitting on other people’s wives. (Page Six)

Georgia Salpa is appearing in a frankly quite raunchy rap video. (Mail Online)

Chris Brown is buying his ex-girlfriend a house, in lieu of just carrying around a big sign that says “LIKE ME! LIKE ME!”. (The Sun)

Katy Perry has had a nail job:


The Barrel Scraper

Could happen to anyone, really. (Mail Online)

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